Get free meditation tracks from

We’re super excited to have you on board for what we think will be the biggest innovation in the world of meditation that mankind has seen in the past 3000 years :-)

I hear you thinking ‘That’s a bold statement’….

But we mean it. Our goal is to spread meditation and enlightened ideas to 1 billion people in the next 10 years. Yes. Billion. With a ‘B’

Over the coming week we will be sending you THE most powerful meditation tracks we have on our shelves in Mindvalley HQ.

There’s one catch…

Every meditation track will only be available for 24 hours. So make sure you watch your inbox for emails from Mindvalley like a hawk on steroids! Because you do NOT wanna miss this (all audios are completely free).

We’re doing this in preparation of the launch of this big innovation.
It’s a surprise. We can’t tell you what it is just yet. But know this, the way you meditate, and personal growth will never be the same again.

AND, even though it’s the single biggest innovation in meditation yet, this TOO will be free of charge for all our subscribers. No promotions, no discount, just completly and entirely free.

But there’s one thing you need to know. It’ll only be completely free for 24 hours (more about that later…)

Stay tune :-) You’re gonna love it!


The Mindvalley Team

PS. Forward this link to your family and friends –>

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