Happy New Year 2013!

Alright, can’t believe it is the new year once again in a blink of an eye (can someone please slow down time?!), and here are my “forecasts” once again as usual, and any fulfilment last year…

What happened last year (in accordance to this post)…

  • The world really did not end! HAHA!
  • YES, there were quite a few more weddings. People whom I did not expect to get hooked up, did get married. Others whom I thought were hooked up, became unhooked again.
  • YES, there were uncommon natural disasters, like the superstorm Sandy.
  • The 20s were a great period.

What will happen this 2013…

  • There will be more emphasis on automation and probably artificial intelligence, since minimum wage policies are implemented and salaries are expected to skyrocket, operational costs of businesses will increase, placing that emphasis.
  • A news ticker said that Google is working on a tablet and a phone, only known as “X”. Nokia also has an 11 inch one on the way.
  • Predictions in Wall-E comes true. Really fat people, on personal transports, glued to their tablet screens. Govt. is doing not so much justice as to giving youths money to get smart devices.
  • Some people will speculate the world ends once again.
  • People will get smarter at an earlier age, college and university degrees might just not matter anymore. They will be self-taught.
  • Great environmental awareness will be king. Sites like FindRecycler will probably be more used.
  • Yeah, more and more friends getting married.
  • There will be a very exciting General Election within the first quarter, as the legendary MSN Messenger network shuts down for good.

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